Minimalist decor Inspiration Small size house type 21

The House of type 21 is still a place of choice for Indonesian families. A small house size automatic also makes the bedroom in it also small. As small as the bedroom, it can still be equipped with the right décor with a minimalist style. Here is some inspiring small size bedroom decor of type 21 houses that are summarized from various sources.
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Create a cabinet above the head of the bed
Small-sized rooms certainly have a space to store luggage. But calmly, you can utilize the wall to pasted cabinet cabinets with three chambers to store the items.
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Apply Horizontal Wallpaper
As the picture above, apply a horizontal wallpaper to make the room look wider. In addition, choose bright colors so that the lighting room is perfect and the room looks great.
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Multifunction Bed
This minimalist decoration is perfect for being a children’s room. With an elevated bed, then your belongings can be placed in a rolling cabinet at the bottom of the bed. In addition, you can also make use of the walls to attach wooden shelves to put books and some displays.
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Minimalist cabinets
Rooms with small size can also be equipped with a closet and shelves attached to the wall. In addition, it can also serve as a learning desk. Then, in order not to be too narrow choose a single size bed so that the residents can freely move.

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