Tips to decorate your bedroom to make you comfortable

More than 70% of daily activities are carried out in the bedroom. Activities just lying down, reading books, even listening to music every day is done in the room. Thus, the bedroom has a considerable influence on the health of your body. The main factor of the bedroom quality is the air circulation of good bedrooms. Unfortunately, in urban areas with various pollutants accompanying, it is difficult to get completely clean air circulation.
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But don’t worry, there are other ways to get a good air circulation bedroom. The first step to take is to determine the location and number of your bedroom window. Try the number of Windows more than one and the size is rather wide, make the window in the direction of the sun to make the bedroom free of mold and bacteria, so that the air in the bedroom still feel fresh, you should pay attention to the exterior design in Outside the bedroom window.
Tips to decorate your bedroom to make you comfortable
Fresh air is derived from the photosynthesis of greenery. Therefore, you have to multiply the greenery outside the bedroom window. Plant flowering plants that can beautify the green trees of the garden. If your room is located on the top floor and has a large plot of land, you should choose tall and sturdy trees, such as white teak and warm. If possible, create a small water pond outside of the room window to give the scent of freshness when you open the window.
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If your home is in an urban location and the condition is true it is not possible to use natural memories, you can use an artificial evasion system, such as using the air conditioner or AC (air conditioners). Surely you should have the knowledge of standard air conditioner requirements for each room size and type. When placed in the sleeping area, air conditioning should not be faced directly to the bed.
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The best air conditioning position is on the right or left side of the bed. If faced directly, it will cause respiratory distress, especially in the lung. However, if the home condition is not possible, it can use the back of the bed. The height of the place to install air conditioning should also not be called because it is also related to health. The installation of air conditioning is too low resulting in a cooler that is released faster to the body. It is certainly not good for health.
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Another form that you can choose is the bed panel with mattress variation size. This bed is made from a variety of materials, ranging from wood, metal, bamboo, to rattan, with classical, ethnic, and modern contemporary styles. You can also customize the panel with a variety of functional forms, such as storage shelves in the backhead of the bed. Choosing a bed should also look at the desired bedroom arrangement. Do not impose a bed with various carvings if the room size is insufficient because it will give a narrow impression and then impose.
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Then, there are beds that have four main buffer pillars, stacked, stacked stairs, ceiling, canopy, and some are attached to the storage place. There is also a multifunction sofa bed form, which can be utilized for limited space. As a complement to the interior can be placed nightstand, side table, bench. Some of these complements can be placed at the foot of the bed. Good and proper circulation is able to make your sleep feel comfortable and restful.
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