why do not put mirrors in the bedroom?

Women are very fond of mirrors, either by admiring her grating or simply not being confident with her face. Finally, the mirror becomes a necessary staple in the room. In women, they tend to like to apply in the bedroom. A mirrored dressing table is a must-have for the bedroom. Yes, although it has some benefits, from the Feng Shui side, it is actually less good.
feng shui mirrors in bedroom

mirror facing bed superstition
Basically, mirrors or glass have a cure effect. This object can neutralize the bad interference that exists. Nevertheless, it does not mean the House should be filled with many mirrors. You should just be careful in placing them. Mirrors and glass serve to heal. If you have Feng shui problems, then use a glass or a mirror to neutralize it.
why should mirrors be covered at night
Mirror the goal to double the fortune, but be careful also on placing it. For example, the mirror facing the toilet is not good either. Some of the laymen who do not understand often put the mirror inside the bedroom for efficiency reasons. They will certainly be easier to see the appearance of themselves after the dress up. However, if there is too much mirror inside the bedroom, it will cause energy that is strong and negatively impact when sleeping.
feng shui mirror placement for good luck
Already a common norm people waking up should not wake up directly facing the mirror. Essentially placing mirrors in a sleeping space should not be too much because the mirror raises energy too strong. A person who is asleep needs Yin energy. This Yin energy should also be regulated, it should not be too large, nor should it be too small. Therefore, it suggests that the bedroom should not be placed in a mirror at all.
where to put a mirror in a bedroom
When we sleep we need Yin energy. Yin should not be too strong and not too little anyway. If no mirror will also be nicer, for example, the mirror is put in the bathroom. Indeed, mirror function can double the space to be wider. But the existence of mirrors in the sleeping space will give the energy too strong so you have to be careful.
why do not put mirrors in the bedroom